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Gramado is a city marked by many beauties, possessing exuberant natural wealth, being the largest tourist center in Rio Grande do Sul and one of the most important in Brazil.The city stands out as a center for major events, in addition to annually hosting one of the most traditional film festivals in Latin America: the Brazilian and Latino Film Festival
Tourist spots
attractions most visited by tourists are the Harley Motor Show, Hollywood Dream Cars, Salão do Super Cars, Mirante Vale do Quilombo, Lake Negro, Lake Joaquina Bier, the entrance porch via Taquara, the entrance porch via Nova Petrópolis, the Mini Mundo, the Véu de Noiva Waterfall, the Santa Claus Village, in Knorr Park, the Festivals Palace, the Praça das Bandeiras, the Madre Verônica street (covered street), the Major Nicoletti square, the São Pedro Church, the center of culture, the Museum of Film Festivals, Lutheran church, chocolate factories, Dreamland Wax Museum, Rua Torta (R. Emílio Sorgetz), Snowland, among others.Other important events that attract thousands of tourists are the Christmas festival known as Natal Luz and the Festa da Colônia.
It is characterized by being a temperate humid climate. In summer, mild temperature, around 22 °C, with some hotter days, but always pleasant nights, moderated by the air of the mountains and forests. Winters have moderately low temperatures, sometimes below 0 °C, with frequent frosts. Snowfall is not something very common in the city and, when it does occur, it is usually light.

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