Linking words

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Because, as, since,(porque)dueto (devido a), inasmuch as (visto que),

Use because, as and since AÇÃO E CAUSA

They went to bed early, because / as / since they felt tired.

My absence is due to health problems.

Therefore (portanto, por isso)

So (então)

Thus(formal – portanto)

Hence – longo, daí

We didn`t get the money and therefore had to abandon the project.

We had extra work, so we worked late.

They planned to reduce staff and thus to cut costs.

For example, such as (taiscomo)
Use for example and such as to give examples. We usually put a comma after for example.

Drink lots of fresh fruit juice, such as orange juice, watermelon juice etc

Try doing more exercise. For example, you could ride a bike.

Instead (of) (AO INVÉS DE)
Use instead when we say that one thing replaces another. We can put it at the end or beginning of a clause or sentence.

The fisherman caught an old boot (instead) of fish. The fisherman caught an old boot (instead).

We could eat here instead ofgoing to a restaurant.
Accordingto (DE ACORDO COM)
Use according to when we say where an idea or statement has come from.

According to the rules, we can’t enter the school premises after 5:oo o’ clock.

however, yet, although / though, even though, while, (EMBORA, TODAVIA, APESAR DE)

Make contrasts with however, although, even though, and while.

Howevercomments on what has come before. Use it to begin and end sentences, or put it inside a sentence to separate parts of the sentence. Note that however always has punctuation before and after it.

Physical exercises are beneficial. However, they should be guided by a professional instructor.

Physical exercises are beneficial (, however,) they should be guided by a professional instructor (, however.)

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