Joaquim Barbosa, Supreme Court Justice of Brazil Honored 9th Paul Donovan Kigar Life Achievement Award

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Joaquim Barbosa, Supreme Court Justice of Brazil Honored

9th Paul Donovan Kigar Life Achievement Award

Event celebrates lifelong contributions to Brazilian society and mankind

Brazil´s Supreme Court Chief Justice, Joaquim Barbosa is one of six honorees in the ninth edition of the Paul Donovan Kigar Life Achievement Award presentation. The gala ceremony happens Monday, December 10, 2012 at the Grand Auditorium Cerimonial Hall of the São Paulo City Council. Founded in 1580, the São Paulo City Council is the oldest democratic assembly of the three Americas.

Minister Joaquim Barbosa received wide public recognition for his work in the "Mensalão” judicial proceedings. Considered to be one of the greatest cases of political corruption and scandal ever to be uncovered and taken to court in Brazil, it has been termed as the “Trial of the Century” by the press in many countries.

The honors commission of the 2012 Paul Donovan Kigar Life Achievement Award, nominated Minister Joaquim Barbosa for his contribution to Brazilian justice, in a brilliant career catapulted from a very humble beginning. Among many titles, Minister Joaquim Barbosa holds a doctorate of Law from DEA - Droit Public Interne - University of Paris II and was visiting scholar at the Human Rights Institute of the Columbia Law School, in New York and at the UCLA School of Law. Minister Barbosa is fluent in French, Spanish, Portuguese, English and German.

The Paul Donovan Kigar Life Achievement Award is an intellectual and humanitarian tribute to men, women and institutions of any nationality, in recognition for their lifelong achievements. At the suggestion of Mr. Kenji Kyohara, the Award was created by Malcolm Forest and friends in 2003, thus paying homage to his father, Paul Donovan Kigar, an American from Fort Wayne, Indiana, who lived in Brazil and died in São Paulo on October 16, 2000. Due to his exemplary life, with many low profile acts of goodwill, and intellectual achievements, a memorial dinner was held and the idea came about to create the life achievement award bearing his name.

Also indicated for life achievements, leadership and sustainability for the 2012 award are:

Ben Abraham - Journalist and author of Mengele - the Truth Exposed. Survivor of the Auschwitz concentration camp. Lifelong work for Human Rights and Peace exposing the horrors of war;

Conde Eduardo Prates – in memoriam - Philanthropist;

Bradesco Foundation – Over 55 years of educational work for the underprivileged, children and adults;

João do Couto – in memoriam - Artist and protector of the environment;

Irmandade da Santa Casa de Misericórdia de São Paulo - Over four centuries of philanthropy, social, medical charity, and scientific research. The largest philanthropic hospital in Latin America. One of the oldest medical schools. Pioneering work on many fronts, including hospital residue recycling.

9th Paul Donovan Kigar Award - 2012

Date: December 10

Time: 7 PM

Where: Salão Nobre, São Paulo City Council

Address: Viaduto Jacareí, 100 - 8th floor - Bela Vista - São Paulo / SP

More information:

(55) (11) 99984-5016 / (55) (11) 99948-2260

Free Parking: Rua Santo Antonio 201, Centro.


Presented by: AMAR – Associação dos Moradores e Amigos do Cinturão Verde da Cidade de São Paulo

MC and Chairman: Malcolm Forest

Photos by Carlos Humberto, STF

Caption: Members of the honors commission, Kenji Kyohara and Malcolm Forest present Minister Joquim Barbosa the medal and diploma of the Paul Donovan Kigar Life Achievement Award

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