Interbits – SuperPro ® Web Meet Hello Barbie: a wi-Fi Doll That Talks to Children

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Interbits – SuperPro ® Web

1. Meet Hello Barbie: A Wi-Fi Doll That Talks to Children

By Lauren Walker
Barbie is getting a digital makeover.

In partnership with a San Francisco-based startup, ToyTalk, Mattel has developed a Wi-Fi-connected Barbie that's able to have two-way conversations, play interactive games, tell stories and joke around.

The companies unveiled their prototype, called Hello Barbie, at the New York Toy Fair on February 14. Hello Barbie is expected to hit the market later this year and retail for $74.99.

Children are able to interact with the doll through a microphone and speaker located on Barbie's trendy necklace. Rechargeable batteries in her legs allow the doll to play for roughly an hour before she needs to be recharged. Hello Barbie also comes equipped with a hold-to-talk button on her belt buckle to make sure she's responding only to the child's commands.

Toy Talk gives parents many controls over their child's interactions with the doll. For instance, parents choose which topics they don't want their kids discussing, and Barbie will gracefully switch the conversation away from them. At any time, privacy-minded parents can also opt to have their child's information deleted from ToyTalk's databases.
Disponível no site: Acesso em 18 fev. 2015 (adaptado).

Responda em português.

Based on the text, which presents the launching of a prototype called Hello Barbie at the New York Toy Fair, explain:

a) how the operating mechanism of the doll works.

b) how ToyTalk will grant parents‟ autonomy to control their children's interaction with the doll.


You know the exit is somewhere along this stretch of highway, but you have never taken it before and do not want to miss it. As you carefully scan the side of the road for the exit sign, numerous distractions intrude on your visual field: billboards, a snazzy convertible, a cell phone buzzing on the dashboard. How does your brain focus on the task at hand? To answer this question, neuroscientists generally study the way the brain strengthens its response to what you are looking for – jolting itself with an especially large electrical pulse when you see it. Another mental trick may be just as important, according to a study published in April in the Journal of Neuroscience: the brain deliberately weakens its reaction to everything else so that the target seems more important in comparison. Such research may eventually help scientists understand what is happening in the brains of people with attention problems, such as attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. And in a world increasingly permeated by distractions – a major contributor to traffic accidents – any insights into how the brain pays attention should get ours.

Scientific American, July 2014. Adaptado

2. O foco principal do texto são as


a) A figura [1] refere-se a uma campanha. Qual o objetivo dessa campanha?

b) Por que o cachorro que aparece na figura [2] não consegue abrir a porta? Justifique sua resposta.


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