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From July 1982 to 1987:

Functions: Head of the Project and Planning Division (after Engineering and process Division) at the EMPRESA NACIONAL DE URÂNIO, E.P., depending directly on the president of the Council Board.

More important duties:
Management of all the activities related with the project of construction of a new mining complex for the production of uranium concentrates in Alto Alentejo (Nisa). The feasibility study and the great majority of the basic engineering were performed. I was responsible for a great deal of the studies carried out. The project was late redone, by me, at the beginning of 1988 in order to comply with the negative evolution of uranium prices in the international market. Short Listing of the main activities:

  • Briefing, planning, control and organization of the project, including the general and detailed conception, applied research programme, project and preliminary design of the main equipment.

  • Control and management of all the studies related to the project done within the company; that implied being the head and coordinator for a small team constituted by civil, chemical and electrotechnic engineers, economists and drawers. Following and definition of tasks to be done by other departments inside the company.

  • Control and management of all the studies related to the project done outside the company, involving the following entities: LNETI (National Laboratory for Industrial Engineering and Technology), LNEC (National Laboratory for Civil Engineering) and the Faculty of Engineering at University of Porto. Interlocutor to technical assistant experts (consulting and orientation) from the French company COGEMA who assisted the project in three domains: environmental impact, uranium ore processing and estimate of capital and operating costs.

  • Planning and management of activities,

Elaboration of the annual and short-term development plans for ENU. Responsible for the study concerning the participation of ENU in the National Mining Plan.
Coordination of the international technical cooperation within the company;
Responsible for the introduction and management of a new informatics multi-user system entirely devoted to technical and scientific applications including tri-dimensional computer aided design.
Responsible for the service within the company charged of laboratory and pilot-scale studies concerning chemical processing of ores.
Collaboration in the background and support studies for the second and third version of the National Energetic Plan.

  1. Between 1987 and August 1988

Functions: Head of the Engineering and Process Division at the EMPRESA NACIONAL DE URÂNIO, E.P., depending directly upon the president of the Council Board. Main Duties

  1. Elaboration of the feasibility study for the Alto Alentejo (Nisa) Mining Complex, considering technogical alternatives aiming an adaptation to unfavourable market conditions: replacement of the dynamic leaching by heap leaching and usage of a lower cut-off grade. Preparation of a technical economic dossier to be presented to external audit and expertise (Canadian company Kilborn) with the main objective of negotiating an international joint-venture;

  1. Participation in technical meetings with multi-national mining companies aiming the possible constitution of joint-ventures for exploitation of the Alto Alentejo mining district.

  1. Conception, planning, management and control of the Project for treating by heap leaching the meta-sediments ores of the Azere area. For the project a pilot scale plant was built, including sampling, control and automation.

  1. Responsible for the technical and scientific computer system that used a mainframe for 16 users based on the Unix Operating System, including CAD. Cooperation with universities for featuring specialized software for ore reserve calculations.

(E) Since May 1990
1990-91 Coordination and participation on a cooperation and consulting protocol between the Mining Department of the Engineering Faculty of University of Porto and the Empresa Nacional de Urânio, E.P. concerning the project and implementation of the Nisa miming Complex Project.
1993-94 Participation as leader in a team organized by the PARTEX Company to organize a dossier for an international competition for developing a Mining Development Plan for Morocco. The proposal was one of the five finalists chosen from 30 different international project and research companies with high reputations at world level.
1996-97 Participation in an environmental impact study for a new mining complex project that considered an open pit exploitation and heap leach recovery of gold ores by cianuration in Castromil (North Portugal).
2000-2001 Elaboration of a survey of the contamination in soils at the Petrogal refinery, near Porto. The study involved the treatment of all the existent information (January 2000), the elaboration of a sampling plan, soil analysis, integrated treatment of all the information and proposals for remediation.
2003 Participation in the elaboration of the National Waste Inventory – metallic ores and radioactive ore wastes

2007 Scientific consultant for the Australian mining company Berkeley Resources in relation to its activity in Portugal.


1972 FINLAND Fellowship with the duration of 3 ½ months at the company Outokumpu Oy (Pori and Harjavalta). The stay was mainly at the Electrolysis Department and the Electrochemical Laboratory.
1976, 78 e 86 SPAIN Visit to the hydrometallurgical installations for the production of Uranium concentrates of ENUSA.
1979 UNITED KINGDOM Fellowship at the Royal School of Mines and the Chemical Company Lapporte Industries. Study of the application of the peroxomonossulfuric acid in hydrometallurgy, under supervision and coordination of Prof. Burkin.
1980 UNITED STATES Fellowship at the Colorado School of Mines (around 5 months), granted by the United States Science Academy and by the International Atomic Energy Agency. I attended several courses that were mentioned before. I visited several mines and ore processing plants in Wyoming, Colorado and New México:

Jackpile Mine, New Mexico;

United Nuclear Homestake Partners, New Mexico.

Schwartzwalder Mine, Colorado;

Cotter Corporation, Colorado;

Henderson Mine, Colorado;

Cyprus Mine, Colorado;

Teton Company, Wyoming;

Nine Mile Lake, Wyoming;

Gettyoil Company, Wyoming;

Exxon Minerals, Wyoming;

Big Eagle Mine, Wyoming;

Lucky Mac, Wyoming;
1982 FRANCE Visit to the factories for production of uranium concentrates: those belonging to COGEMA, in Bessines and Lodève and also to the Dong Trieu (TOTAL) Mining Complex. Visit to the Nuclear Research Center in Marcoulle (Hydrometallurgy, Reprocessement of Irradiated Fuel, PWR Reactors and the Super-Regenerator Reactor Fenix).
1984 UNITED KINGDOM Visit to the research and project department of Davy McKee, in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
1995 SLOVAKIA Visit to several places where soil remediation or underground water cleaning was performed: Military Airport at Piestant, decontamination of groundwater in Stupava, remediation of contaminated soils in gas stations in Deniska Nová Ves.
1997 SPAIN Visit to the new plant for uranium ore processing in Ciudad Rodrigo.
1998 SPAIN Visit to the lignite exploitation and environmental recovery of mine soils at La Cuenca de As Pontes de Garcia-Rodrigue; visit to the associated Power Plant.
1998 SCOTLAND Visit to sites where soil remediation was performed: ancient exploitation of bituminaceous schists and Refinery at Pumpherston (Landfarming and rizo-filtration). Remediation of the ancient iron works at Ravenscraig (security landfill).
1999 FRANCE Visit to the Centre de Recherches pour l‘ Environment, L’Energie el le Déchet, in Limay.
1999 UNITED KINGDOM Visit to the incinerator of municipal solid wastes SELCHP, located in Greenwich, Southeast London.
2003 SPAIN Visit to the mine and hydrometallurgical ore processing plant for gold ores at the Company Empresa Rio Narvea, in Astúrias.
2003 BELGIUM Visit to locations where soil contaminated with petroleum products was remediate: Ancient Shell Refinery at the Ghent Manufacturing Complex. Technology used: Biopiles, bioventing, air sparging and pump and treat.
2003 BELGIUM Visit to the ancient carbon exploitation areas, in Limburd, where an integrated plan for environmental recovery was performed.
2005 PERU Visit to the Uchucchacua Mine, belonging to the Buenaventura Mining Company; production of silver concentrates from a limestone ore. Visit to the environmental hot places: effluent treatment and tailings disposal.

Visiting the Uchucchacua Mine with Latin American students
2005 FRANCE Visit to the Industrial Asbestos Treatment Plant INERTAM; Vitrification by plasma arch. Capacity of 8000 t/year.

2007 PERU Visit to the Metalurgical Complex at La Oroya. Smelting of polysulphide concentrates. Refining of zinc, copper, plomb and minor metals such as gold, indium, tallium, tellurium. Visit to the mine, processing plant, waste disposal, effluent treatment at the San Miguel Mine, Milpo Company, in Cierro de Pasco

La Oroya Metallurgical Complex
2008 FINLAND Visit to the first Final Repository for Nuclear Wastes in the world (in construction) at Eurajokki.

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