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In 2008 – External referee for the Innovation Agency (ADI – Agência de Inovação): evaluation of two projects of R&D (Research and Development) in co-promotion presented to the programme QREN

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In 2008 – External referee for the Innovation Agency (ADI – Agência de Inovação): evaluation of two projects of R&D (Research and Development) in co-promotion presented to the programme QREN

In 2009 – External referee for the Innovation Agency (ADI – Agência de Inovação): Final evaluation of one projects of R&D, for the programme Prime – IDEIA. Contract 70/2007/31B/00191/0063.


  1. From January 1973 to May 1978

Functions: High Technician at the Portuguese Atomic Energy Commission at the Mining Exploration and Exploitation Services, Lisbon, Portugal.
Main duties:

  1. Production of uranium concentrates: planning, supervision and interpretation of laboratory studies in uranium mineral processing: leaching, solid-liquid separation, ion exchange and solvent extraction.

  1. Production Control for the Urgeiriça Mineral Processing Plant (production of concentrates of ammonium diuranate)

  1. Participation in the project for the construction of a new tailing disposal. The project was accomplished.

  1. Technical project and design for changing the Crushing and Grinding Operations at the Urgeiriça Plant in order to raise the capacity from 150 to 300 ton/day. This project was accomplished.

  1. Responsible for the technical cooperation with international organizations, namely the International Atomic Energy Agency. Participation in international discussions for an eventual bilateral cooperation agreement on the Nuclear Fuel Cycle with the former USSR.

  1. Member of a team organized between the project Company Profabril, The National laboratory for Civil Engineering and the Portuguese Atomic Energy Agency charged to present a turn key proposal for the construction of a new mining complex, infrastructures and supporting town at Tamarrasset in South Algeria.

  1. From May 1978 to June 1982

Functions: Service Head, in the Project Area, at the new EMPRESA NACIONAL DE URÂNIO, E.P. (National Uranium Company)


  1. Coordination of planning and development activities within the Company;

  1. Technical and economical feasibility studies for small projects (engineering project, economic and financing analysis). Participation in studies comparing different sale alternatives for uranium concentrates.

iii) Participation in the elaboration and realization of several projects:

  • Increase in the treatment capacity of the Urgeiriça Ore Processing from 300 to 600 tons/day (project accomplished).

  • Project for a new Resin Ion Exchange Plant using fluidized beds and counter-current. Three installations were build based in this project: one at the Urgeiriça Mine, the second at the Cunha Baixa Mine and the third at the Bica Mine.

Ion Exchange Plant using fluidized bed and counter-current at the Cunha Baixa Mine

  • Project of a new Solid-Liquid Separation Circuit with a capacity for 600 tons/day that was built in Urgeiriça Processing Plant. The solution adopted – two parallel counter-current decantation in series of four thickeners, using a washing ratio of 2.6 using effluents recycled from the tailings disposal, was only one of the alternatives considered.

  1. Responsible for all the activities related to the study of a hydrometallurgical process for the treatment of the Nisa ore (an unexploited medium size uranium deposit in central-Southern Portugal)

  1. Planning and interpretation (sometimes realization) of all the research done in the hydrometallurgical field.

  1. Coordination of the international technical cooperation, specially with the International Atomic Energy Agency and the French company COGEMA.

  1. Collaboration in background studies for supporting the first version of the Energetic National Plan, where the nuclear alternative was highly considered.

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