Aparecida de Goiânia-goiáS

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Aparecida de Goiânia-GOIÁS Data: / / 2016.

Disciplina: Inglês Turma: 2ª Série

Professor: Plínio

Aluno (a): ______________________nº_____


01. (PUCC) O plural de sister – in – law, child e armchair é:

a) sister – in – law, children, armchairs

b) sister – in – law, children, armschair

c) sisters – in – law, childs, armchairs

d) sister – in – law, children, armchairs

e) sisters – in – law, children, armchairs
02. (FMU) Their ___________ are against their attitudes.

a) believe

b) belief

c) believes

d) beliefs

e) believ


Steve and Stella Baker live in California. They’ve got two small children, and they are an average American family, except for one thing: she goes to work, he stays at home and looks after the children. Our reporter spoke to Steve and Stella at their home in San Diego:

My wife has a very good job. She’s an electronics engineer, and she works for the US Navy here. So she works, and I stay at home and look after the children.”

Jim Macartney is a helicopter pilot. He’s British, but he lives and works in Africa.

I work for the hospital here. I take a doctor and two nurses in my helicopter to the jungle. There are no roads in the jungle .only rivers. People go by helicopter or by boat, or they walk.”

Mrs. Betty Brown is sixty-two. She’s a housewife, and a grandmother and a student! Mrs. Brown lives in Oxford, England, and goes to the University there. She studies Japanese, and she is the first in her class. We asked Mrs. Brown how she learns Japanese.

My son lives in Japan, he teaches English in Tokyo and sends me Japanese magazines and newspapers, videos of Japanese TV programmes and cassettes of Japanese radio programmes.”

3 - According to the text, chose the correct alternative:

a) Stella and Steve have two big children.

b) Stella Baker is sixty-two.

c) Steve looks after his wife.

d) Mrs. Brown’s son teaches English.

e) Steve works in an office.

4 - According to the text, choose the alternative that correctly describes the people’s occupations:

a) Mrs. Brown is a nurse.

b) Stella is an electronic engineer.

c) Jim is a teacher.

d) Steve is a doctor.

e) Steve is a pilot.

5 - According to the text, choose the alternatives which contain a correct answer for the question: Where do they live?

a) Mrs. Brown lives in Japan.

b) Jim lives in England.

c) Steve lives in Oxford.

d) Mrs. Brown’s son lives in Japan.

e) Stella lives in Africa.

6 - Escolha a alternativa que melhor completa a questão: Listen, Julia! The telephone is ringing. Go __________it. Please, write your name under the topic for the lecture you want to ___________ .

a. attend / attend

b. answer / hear

c. answer / attend

d. attend / see

e. pick / participate

7 - Calcule e escolha a alternativa correta.

seventeen – six = _______________

forty + thirty = ___________________

twelve + twelve = _________________

fifty + fifty = _____________________


a) eleven, seventy, twenty four, one hundred

b) eleven, seventy, twenty-four, two hundred

c) twelve, twenty-seven, forty, thirty

d) sixty-four, twenty-seven, forty, one hundred

e) eleven, seventy, twenty-two, one thousand

8 - Complete o texto com: he, she, it, we, they:

MY SCHOOL FRIENDS This is Paul. ________ is a Greek student. That is Paula. __________ is thirteen years old. Marek and Grenda are from Germany. _________ are German. My sister and I are American. _______are from Miami. I have a pet. ___________ is a cat named Pussy.


a) He - She - They - We - It

b) She - He - We - They - She

c) It - She - They - We - He

d) He - She - It - She - It

e) He - She - She - They - We

9– Escolha uma seqüência quecomplete as sentenças: ________ youliketo play volley? ________ she like to watch TV? ________ they go to the cinema? He ________ not eat pasta. ________ I sit in the right place?


a) Do – Does – Do – Do - Does

b) Does – Do – Do – Does – Do

c) Do- Does – Do – Does – Do

d) Does – Do – Do – Do – Does

e) Do – Do – Does – Do – Do

10- Na forma negativa a frase “ Does shelike pizza?” fica:

a) She does not likes pizza.

b) Does not she like pizza.

c) Not does she like pizza.

d) She does not like pizza.

e) She does like pizza.


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