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SHOW « Contigo »


30 min

all ages from 4 years-old

About « Contigo » :

This show, ordered by the Festival d’Avignon, mixes chinese pole and dance in a visual and fascinating performance.

Two Portuguese artists, Joao Paulo dos Santos, virtuoso chine pole acrobat, and Rui Horta, choreographer, exchange their peculiar universes which feed on each other. Contigo (with you in portuguese) is borned out of their different understandings of the body and of their common links.

On an empty stage, with a few objects, a chine pole, and a body most of all, Joao Paulo dos Santos discloses his anger and masterly skills, but he also brings to light exhaustion and solitude of the artist.

My aim is not to be or not to be a dancer but to be in harmony with the chinese pole and with my body”. João Paulo dos Santos



"A man, sitting facing the obstacle : a pole is standing, proud and still. Tha man sizes the pole up, nearing and experiencing it. More and more. He Braves it at last. Hand to hand, without net. Joao hauls up, coils up, slides, he is won over by the ecstasy of vertigo, the excitement of fall. He explores the numerous possibilities of the object, repeats his gestures until feeling intimacy. In CONTIGO ("with you" in Portuguese), Joao Paulo Pereira Dos Santos, acrobat with a great presence, technically master, show us the issues inherents in the circus work : the precision, the obstinate virtue of the repetition, the long learning process of the apparatus which becomes synonymous of imagination. The movement, choregraphed by Rui Horta, gives to his struggle between the man and the pole, the feline sensuality of a love duel."

Gwénola DAVID - Danser, n° 257 - France

Casting :

Authors : Joao Paulo DOS SANTOS and Rui HORTA

Interpreted by Joao Paulo DOS SANTOS

Music by Tiago CERQUEIRA et Victor JOAQUIM

Costumes : Pedro DOS SANTOS

Light design : Rui HORTA

Régie : Elsa CAILLAT

Obligatory indications :

Coproduction : O Ultimo Momento, Festival d’Avignon, SACD/Les Sujets A Vif,

With the support of O Espaço do Tempo, Montemor o Novo (Portugal), Centro cultural Olga Cadaval

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