Pedro: Hã? Me? Lucas: It is in your face(3). So, who is she? Is she beautiful? Pedro

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Describing a person

Lucas: You are so different these days. It looks like(1) you are in love(2)
Pedro: Hã? Me?
It is in your face(3). So, who is she? Is she beautiful?
Pedro: She is blonde(4), has straight hair(5), medium built(6), a little tall(7), very funny(8)
Lucas: Wow!(9) You have a crush on this girl(10)
Pedro: Yes.
Lucas: What about you and Mariana?
Pedro: Oh man. We are going so slow!(11) I'm too shy(12) When I finally(13) have the courage(14) to ask her out(15) she gets the flu
Lucas: You know what I think? You are slow! Mariana is a nice girl(16). She is funny, honest, and very beautiful
Pedro: I know. I'm not very self-confident(17). I think I'm thin(18), I don't like my hair, sometimes(19) I can be boring
Lucas: Come on(20) Pedro! You are a nice boy! You are always in a good mood(21), funny. To me, you are kind of(22) ugly(23), I must say. But I think Mariana likes you.
Pedro: How about you?(24)
Lucas:  I have a friend from the internet
Pedro: It must be nice(25) to have a friend from the internet. I don't have any virtual friends(26)
Lucas: Of course you don't. You don't have email. You rarely use computers
Pedro: Yes, I'm not into computers(27). I don't know how to use it like you do
Lucas: Don't worry my friend. I can help you. First, we can make an email for you. And then, I can show you how to use the computer, OK?
Pedro: Good. Thanks man!
Lucas: You're welcome
Julia: Boys, you are here. I have to talk to you. I have to go to the community TV station tomorrow to write a story for my office's newspaper. The story is going to be about training projects. Would you like to come?
Lucas: Yes, we would
Julia: Right, good. So, let's meet here at nine, OK? Bye bye!
Pedro: I like Julia. She is very outgoing(28), hardworking(29). I look up to(30) her
Lucas: Yes, me too(31). She is a nice girl.


 1. It looks like
  = Parece que
 2. In love = Apaixonado
 3. Face =
cara, rosto
 4. Blonde =
 5. Straight hair =
Cabelos lisos
 6. Medium built =
Estatura mediana
 7. Tall =
 8. Funny
  = engraçado(a)
 9. Wow! = Nossa!
 10. You have a crush on this girl =
Você tem uma "queda" por esta garota
 11. We are going so slow! =
Nós estamos indo tão devagar!
 12. Shy =
 13. Finally =
 14. Courage =
 15. Ask her out
  = Convidá-la para sair
 16. Nice girl = garota legal, simpática
 17. Self-confident =
 18. Thin =
 19. Sometimes =
às vezes
 20. Come on =
"deixe disso"
In a good mood = De bom humor
  22. Kind of =  Do tipo
  23. Ugly =
  24. How about you? =
E você?
  25. It must be nice =
Deve ser legal
I don't have any virtual friends = Eu não tenho nenhum amigo virtual
  27. I'm not into computers =
"Eu não curto computadores"
  28. Outgoing =
  29. Hardworking =
  30. Look up to =
  31. Me too =
 Eu também

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