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Supplemental Figure 1
Bidirectional association between parental child-feeding practices and body mass index at 4 and 7 years of age.
Lisa Afonso, Carla Lopes, Milton Severo, Susana Santos, Helena Real, Catarina Durão, Pedro Moreira, Andreia Oliveira

Address correspondence and reprint requests to Andreia Oliveira, Department of Clinical Epidemiology, Predictive Medicine and Public Health, University of Porto Medical School, Alameda Professor Hernâni Monteiro 4200-319 Porto, Portugal. Phone: +351 225 513 652; Fax: +351 225 513 653. E-mail:

Supplemental Figure 1.

Flow chart of participants in study

Eligible children: those who attended the face-to-face interviews at 4 and 7 years old follow-ups of Generation XXI birth cohort, with data on parental child-feeding attitudes and practices and body mass index at both ages

Excluded: twins

Singleton children

Excluded: lacked data on maternal characteristics

Children with required data available

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