MSc in Biochemistry Dissertation Project – 2nd Cycle

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MSc in Biochemistry

Dissertation Project – 2nd Cycle

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Supervisor(s): Patrícia Anacleto, Mário Diniz

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Lab/Institution: Universidade Nova de Lisboa (FCT), Laboratório Marítimo da Guia da Universidade de Lisboa (LMG) e Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera (IPMA, I.P.)

TITLE: Physiological responses to warming and ocean acidification of marine fish

Ocean acidification and warming pose a considerable threat to marine ecosystems. Previous studies showthat these environmental co-stressors significantly impact upon a number of key physiological functions in many marine organisms.Oxidative stress and heat shock proteins are usually implicated in these physiological responses of organisms in order to detoxify reactive oxygen species that are usually produced after an acute increase of temperature.


Investigate the effect of different climate change scenarios (warming and acidification) onphysiologyof marine fish species, byquantification of oxidative stress biomarkers (e.g. heat shock proteins, lactate, glutathione-S-transferase)using several biochemical tools.


This work plan is divided in 4 tasks:

Task 1 – Experiments to assess climate change impact on marine fish: acclimation and sampling

Task 2 – Determine several parameters (e.g. survival)

Task 3 – Quantification of oxidative stress biomarkers (e.g. heat shock proteins, lactate, glutathione-S-transferase)

Task 4 – Data processing

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