MSc in Biochemistry Dissertation Project – 2nd Cycle

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MSc in Biochemistry

Dissertation Project – 2nd Cycle

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Supervisor(s): Patrícia Anacleto, Rui Rosa

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Lab/Institution: Laboratório Marítimo da Guia da Universidade de Lisboa (LMG) e Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera (IPMA, I.P.)

TITLE:Effect of climate change (temperature and pH) on energy budget of marine fish

Climate change is causing profound impacts on marine ecosystems, as the oceans become warmer and acidified by the uptake of atmospheric carbon dioxide. Thus, temperature rise and acidification of the oceans are expected to have a negative impact on the performance, ecophysiology and survival of marine organisms, leading to major changes in their energy balances.It is expected that the organisms acquire and allocate differently its energy into vital functions due to these stressors (warming and hypercapnia or low pH).


Investigate the effect of different climate change scenarios (warming and acidification) on energy budgetsof marine fish species, by measuring growth, routine metabolism, nitrogenous excretion and feed consumption. Several biochemical tools will also be used to determine chemical composition of samples.


This work plan is divided in 5 tasks:

Task 1 –Experiments to assess climate change impact on marine fish: acclimation and sampling

Task 2 –Determine several parameters (e.g. growth rate, survival, feed intake, etc.)

Task 3 –Determine ammonia excretion and oxygen consumption rate

Task 4 –Determine chemical composition

Task 5 – Data processing

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