Lucas: Good. I'm hungry(2)! Mariana: What can we eat(3) here? Julia

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At the restaurant

Pedro: There is a table here(1)
Lucas: Good. I'm hungry(2)!
What can we eat(3) here?
There are(4) all types of sandwiches and they are all very good
Hello! How are you? How can I help you (5) today?
Pedro: We want four sandwiches
Lucas: Is there cheese(6) in this sandwich here?
Waiter: Yes, there is
Lucas: Are there lettuce(7) and tomatoes too?
Waiter: Yes, there are
Lucas: Are there onions(8)? I can't eat onions.
Waiter: No, no. There are no onions on this sandwich
Lucas: OK. We want  four of this one here.
Mariana: Are there french fries(9)?
Waiter: Yes. All of our sandwiches have french fries aside(10)
Mariana: Great
Waiter: Drinks(11)?
Pedro: A soft drink(12) please
Mariana: An orange juice(13) please
Julia: A milk shake please
Lucas: A milk shake for me too
Waiter: here they are
Pedro: Thank you very much
Waiter: You're welcome
Mariana: Who is he? He is so familiar!
Julia: How much(14) meat(15) is there? And how many(16) french fries are there?
Pedro: Well, it's good for me!
Julia: So here. They are all yours.
Pedro: Thank you
Mariana: Wow. How much catchup
Pedro: Yeah! I love catchup. Hey waiter. The bill(17), please.
Julia: How much is it?(18)!


 1. There is a table here =
Tem (há) uma mesa aqui 
Hungry  = Com fome
 3. Eat = Comer
 4. There are =
 5. How can I help you ?
= Como posso ajudá-los?
 6. Cheese =
 7. Lettuce =
 8. Onions =
 9. French fries
  = batatas fritas
 10. Aside = à parte
 11. Drinks =
 12. Soft drink =
 13. Orange juice =
suco de laranja
 14. How much =
Quanto, quanta
 15. meat =
 how many = quantos, quantas
 17. Bill = conta
 18. How much is it?
= Quanto é?

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