1. Found the words: (Encontre as palavras)

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34- Share the information and try to complete the family tree below: (Compartilhe a informação e tente completar a árvore genealógica abaixo:)

35- Complete Lamar´s Family Tree. (Complete a família do Lamar.)

36-Complete the sentences using the articles a or an (Complete as frases utilizando o artigo a ou an .)

a) She has _____ white dog
b) He want _____ piece of that cake
c) I love to eat ___ apple every morning
d) She has ____ interesting idea
e) My dad got ___ new job
f) Sarah wants to be ___ dancer
37- Connect the columns taking the articles into account. (Ligue as colunas levando em conta os artigos.)

a) The elephant has a     ( ) Brazilian boy
b) Our city has a            ( ) engineer
c) I met a                      ( ) long trunk
d) Her boyfriend is an     ( ) university
e) Do you like to be an    ( ) insect?
f) Is she afraid of an      ( ) animal?
g) Does he has an          ( ) actor?
38- Complete the sentences with the terms below:

(Complete as frases com os termos abaixo:)
A – AN – A – AN – AN – A – AN – A

a) Lucy has ___ dog.
b) Ben bought ___ old bike.
c) It’s ___ honor to meet ___ smart girl like you at my home.
d) John is ___ honest boy.
e) We have ___ hour until the exam.
f) She is __ university teacher
g) He is __ British guy
39- Complete the sentence with the correct pronoun: (Complete as frases com o pronome correto:)

a) ____ is my house. (This – Those)
b) ____ are my friends. (These – That)
c) Is ____ your backpack? (This – These)
d) I do not like _____ pencils. (These – That)
e) I want _____ pants. (This – Those)
40- Complete the sentences: (Complete as frases:)
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